Ron Glucksman

Ron Glucksman, Co-Founder

Ron Glucksman is a media strategist with a multi-national client base in diverse industries, including Telecomm, Fashion and Finance.  Originally from Israel, he was raised in The Netherlands and New England; Boston eventually became his family home, where he attended Brandeis University and then moved on to Carnegie Mellon for his MBA. Ron’s passion for elephants was reignited when he recently read Dame Sheldrick’s memoir Love, Life and Elephants. The seed for Ivory For Elephants was born after many a sleepless night of feeling helpless in the face of elephants’ plight. The resulting connection with Jonathan Sismey forged an idea into a reality and they are now striving to use the power of media to lessen the demand for Ivory. Ron resides in Brooklyn with Selene (his canine companion), and escapes to the Catskills mountain region to enjoy and connect with nature.

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Jonathan Sisme

Jonathan Sismey, Co-Founder

Jonathan Sismey is a media consultant and works with several major international publishing companies, handling elements of their print, online and sponsorship opportunities globally. He is a UK native, having moved to the US in mid 1995 to broaden his career, initially working in the chemical and pharmaceutical areas for Reed Business Information, a division of Elsevier Inc. When he realized, through meeting with Ron Glucksman– a like-minded colleague, how his contacts and audience-reach could be leveraged to assist in saving the elephants, IFE was created. He currently lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York with his wife Victoria, also from the UK, and their two children Samuel and Charlotte, who were both born in Brooklyn (and definitely speak with a different dialect.)

Aki Martin

Aki Martin, Creative Strategies

Aki Martin is a marketing strategist and advertising industry veteran, with over 15 years experience working across agencies and non-profit organizations. She became involved with Ivory for Elephants after meeting Jonathan Sismey at an industry conference, and was quickly engulfed with concern over the urgency and importance of the elephant crisis. Inspired by her daughter’s love of elephants and saddened by the prospect of their extinction, she was compelled and motivated to join the IFE team, to help raise awareness, advocacy and funding to support this important issue. As part of the IFE team, she contributes to strategy, planning and copy writing to IFE’s communication and fundraising efforts.

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Victoria Bailey, Social Media

If there’s anything happening on FaceBook for IFE, you can bet Victoria Bailey knows about it. A UK native with intense interests in wildlife conservation, ecology and sustainability, Victoria brings an amazing global network to life. She is well traveled, with specific interests in art, wine, and gardening. She currently lives with her husband, Jonathan (c0-founder of IFE) and two children in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

Danielle Underhill, Editor in Chief - IFE Blog

Danielle Underhill is a passionate environmentalist and nature enthusiast with a particular affinity for elephant conservation. After receiving her degree in conservation biology and ecology she traveled to Africa in the summer of 2015. There she spent time in Kenya and Madagascar, writing a travel blog detailing her experiences with various humanitarian and environmental NGOs, as well as her encounters with the unbelievable wildlife found in Africa. An experience that would leave Danielle speechless was one in which she witnessed wild elephants in their natural habitat on the Kenyan Masai Mara. Although left without words at the time, Danielle knew at that moment where she needed to direct her efforts. After returning to the United States, Danielle packed her things and moved from Arizona to Washington D.C. to be closer to non-profits working to protect elephants. Since arriving in the District she has since held an internship with Island Press, an environmental publishing organization, as well as a research position with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the World Wildlife Fund studying the ivory trade in America.

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Sarah Thornton

Sarah Thornton, Events & Outreach

Sarah Thornton has become passionate advocate of animal rights in recent years. Introduced to Ivory for Elephants by co-founder Ron Glucksman, she was immediately interested in helping advance the cause. Sarah’s amazing social media and networking skills promise to bring IFE into the limelight. Originally from Ohio, Sarah has lived in Brooklyn for the past 13 years where she shares a home with her husband and two cats. She received her B.S. in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School at Ohio University and has been working in a support role in the finance industry for the past decade.

Robert DiScalfani

Robert DiScalfani, Photography/Film

Robert DiScalfani has been an editorial and commercial photographer in New York for over twenty years. Though most of his work is created for the commercial market, his aesthetic style stems from his background and love of fine art, photography & film. As a cinematographer, Robert has shot for an independent feature-length film titled ‘Perception’ by writer/director Wade Wofford. Robert recently traveled to India, Vietnam, the Philippines & Cambodia to film for the US-based children’s charity ‘SmileTrain’ and the Prime Time cable show ‘The Doctors.’ His food photography has led him to shoot ‘Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook’ as well as ‘Da Silvano Cookbook: Simple Secrets from New York’s Favorite Italian Restaurant’ by chef & restaurateur Silvano Marchetto. Robert currently runs Bond Street Productions in Brooklyn, NY.

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Have-a-go heroes: the women saving elephants in their free time

With one elephant killed every 25 minutes, the poaching crisis continues. But with the commitment and activism of a growing global network – dominated by women – laws and attitudes around the world are changing

If dedication and hard work were all it took, Maria Mossman would have saved every last elephant by now. Despite having two children, aged five and seven, and a part-time job for a large corporation, she also spends 35 to 40 hours a week as an unpaid activist. It was even more time when the children were younger. “I used to come home from work at about 4pm and then sit on my computer, networking with other groups and activists until two o’clock in the morning,” she recalls.

Mossman, 41, got heavily involved in elephant activism in 2013. As well as founding Action for Elephants UK (AFEUK), she’s one of the key organisers of the global elephant and rhino marches. “It’s really hard work,” she says. “Really stressful. Just before the marches you say: ‘We’re not going to do this again.’ And as soon as one is over you start planning the next one.”

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The poaching lit a fire in me. The barbarism of the act was so horrifying

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Campaigners have also been targeting other materials from endangered species – rhino horn, tortoiseshell and leopard fur

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One ton of elephant ivory to be destroyed in Central Park

Publication Date: 
Jul 12 2017

WHAT:      The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will destroy more than one ton of illegal ivory confiscated through state enforcement efforts.

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Innovative ivory fingerprinting kit arrives in France

Jul 10 2017

Two of IFAW’s new ivory fingerprinting printing kits, which were developed in the UK by the Metropolitan Police and King’s College, have just been presented to top law enforcement agencies in France working to stop environmental and wildlife crime. 

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Namibia: U.S.$740 Reward for Reporting Poaching

[Namibian] Anti-poaching organisation ‘Help our Rhinos NOW Namibia’ (HoRN.NAM) has called on the public in the Kunene region and across the country to report wildlife crimes.

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Uganda: Residents Reject UWA Proposal to Turn Area Into Game Reserve

[Monitor] Agago -Following several years of destruction of crops in Kaket Parish in Lapono Sub-county, Agago District, by elephants straying from Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) officials now want the area be turned into a community game reserve.

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Boris Johnson backs ‘all-out ban’ on ivory sales

Foreign secretary confirms government’s pledge, despite absence from manifesto

A total ban on ivory sales in the UK could still be introduced by the British government, foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said, signalling a possible U-turn that has been welcomed by conservationists.

In their 2015 manifesto the Conservatives promised to “press for a total ban on ivory sales”. But the pledge was quietly taken out of this year’s Tory manifesto, sparking anger among conservation organisations, which say that by allowing the trade to continue, the UK is fuelling elephant poaching.

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Cameroon: ‘Maalle’ – Wanted for Elephant Poaching!

[Cameroon Tribune] The educative film by Ashu Egbe focuses on societal ills and their impact on the community.

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Elephant calf reunited with wild herd in India

Jul 10 2017

A calf that had been found with no discernible congenital deformity or serious injury had been separated from its herd and reunited with the help of the IFAW-WTI Mobile Veterinary Service.A displaced female elephant calf was rescued near the A displac

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South Africa: Two Suspected Rhino Poachers Killed in Shootout

[News24Wire] Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife field rangers shot and killed two suspected rhino poachers after a gunfight at the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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South Africa: KZN Police Arrest Three Suspected Rhino Poachers

[News24Wire] Three suspected rhino poachers will appear in the Hluhluwe Magistrate’s Court on Monday, after being caught by police carrying a high calibre hunting rifle, a silencer, ammunition and an axe.

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South Africa: Serial Rhino Poaching Brothers Back in Court

[News24Wire] Two brothers accused of rhino poaching, Deon and Niklaas van Deventer, and Onward Muchangowa – a Zimbabwean national – are expected back in the Makhado Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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Largest online retailer in Japan bans ivory sales

Jul 7 2017

Rakuten, the largest online retailer in Japan, has banned ivory sales on its platform.

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