Petition successful! Move Sunder the elephant to Karnataka: Bombay High Court


The Bombay high court on Tuesday directed the chief forest officer, wildlife (Kolhapur), to immediately take steps to relocate Sunder, a 14-year-old elephant currently housed in Kolhapur’s Jyotiba temple, and file a compliance report before the court by December 23.
A division bench of justices VM Kanade and MS Sonak gave this direction while hearing a petition filed by Dr Manilal Valliyate on behalf of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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Exposed: Tanzania’s elephant poaching crisis Despite denials from the governmen…

Exposed: Tanzania’s elephant poaching crisis

Despite denials from the government, new research in Tanzania indicates that more than half of the elephants – some 4,000 animals – in Ruaha National Park have been killed by poachers in a single year. The findings are part of the Great Elephant Census, and researchers say that, in the surrounding areas, only 8,200 elephants remain, down from 20,000 just a year ago.

As poaching continues at an unprecedented rate, can you help us to spread the word and encourage people to take action? Find out how at

Exposed: Tanzania’s elephant killing fields
Half the elephants in one of Africa’s largest national parks – over 4,000 animals – have been killed by poachers in a single year, according to new research. Elephant numbers in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park have dropped from 8,500 in 2014 to just over 4,200 now.

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It's #FunFactFriday! Did you know that elephants view their family members in s…

It’s #FunFactFriday!

Did you know that elephants view their family members in such high esteem, just like humans, the importance of a strong family unit is crucial to elephants.

Image: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Review: ‘Gardeners of Eden’ Tracks the Killing of Elephants for Ivory

The film interviews a poacher as well as those trying to save the elephant population in Africa.

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The spies who love elephants Top spy agencies in the U.S. are sharing intellige…

The spies who love elephants

Top spy agencies in the U.S. are sharing intelligence and personnel to bust international wildlife trafficking rings. With elephant poaching and other wildlife trafficking known to fund terrorist activities, these are not just crimes against nature but also a threat to security, calling for the same sort of intelligence operations used in combatting drug and sex trafficking.

Find out how the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration are getting involved:

Image: © Gilda Castro Rios

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Namibia: Four in Court for Elephant Poaching

[New Era] Four suspects arrested Saturday for possession of nine elephant tusks at Kamutjonga appeared in the Ndiyona Periodical Court on Tuesday.

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Botswana: Another Life Lost in Elephant Attack

[Botswana Daily News] Kasane -Police in Kasane have confirmed that yet another life has been lost to an elephant attack in Chobe, barely three weeks after another incident.

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Should elephants be used to sniff out bombs? Elephants have a keen sense of sme…

Should elephants be used to sniff out bombs?

Elephants have a keen sense of smell, stronger than that of dogs, and experiments are being conducted by the US Army Research Office to test elephants’ ability to sniff out explosives.

Although researchers insist that the military does not intend to use the elephants to directly detect bombs, it is not yet clear how research is going to help to develop technology based on an elephant’s targeted sense of smell. There are also concerns for the welfare of the elephants used in the experiment, who are tamed and ridden in order to carry out the research.

While research into saving human lives is undeniably important, is it right that this may come at an innocent animal’s expense? >>Please read the article and share your opinon.

Can Elephants’ Amazing Sense of Smell Help Sniff Out Bombs?
The U.S. military’s push for better bomb detectors involves taking cues from elephants’ ability to locate TNT.

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“Save the elephants, and then you save the forest – and then you save yourself”…

“Save the elephants, and then you save the forest – and then you save yourself” – Mark Shand

As a keystone species, elephants play a unique and crucial role in the way ecosystems function. As go the elephants, so go the trees, the plants and the many other animals that depend upon them.

Today, on World Earth Day, help us share the importance of protecting elephants, habitats and other wildlife – not just for our enjoyment or for tourism, but because they belong; because the Earth needs them.

Share your message of support today by joining our Digital March at

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Cameroon: Elephant Poaching – Experts Institute Tracking System

[Cameroon Tribune] An Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS) has been put in place to monitor ivory trade in the Central African Sub-region.

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Tackling illegal wildlife trade online 'Fauxivory', 'white plastic', 'ox bone'….

Tackling illegal wildlife trade online

‘Fauxivory’, ‘white plastic’, ‘ox bone’… Ivory products are still the most popular wildlife items on internet markets, despite the global ban on ivory sales imposed by CITES. While eBay is one of the few seen to make any serious effort to control illegal wildlife trade, how can the world’s largest online marketplace tackle the issue when, every time a filter is added to detect and delete illegal products, a new alias is created?

Illegal trade in endangered wildlife thriving on eBay despite controls
Yale Environment 360: World’s largest online marketplace failing to combat online illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife parts despite a policy of deleting adverts, while many sites flourish completely unregulated

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Zimbabwe: Lion Kills Boy (14)

[The Herald] A 14-year-old boy was on Monday killed and devoured by a lion while guarding a family maize field in Mariga Village in Chapoto near Kanyemba Border Post in Mashonaland Central. Chief Peter Enock Chapoto said the child was killed and eaten …

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Namibia: Aerial Patrols to Curb Poaching

[Namibian] THE minister of environment and tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, has announced that government will carry out aerial patrols in game parks and train rangers to effectively deal with the problem of poaching.

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