Petition successful! Move Sunder the elephant to Karnataka: Bombay High Court

T he Bombay high court on Tuesday directed the chief forest officer, wildlife (Kolhapur), to immediately take steps to relocate Sunder, a 14-year-old elephant currently housed in Kolhapur’s Jyotiba temple, and file a compliance report before the court by December 23.
A division bench of justices VM Kanade and MS Sonak gave this direction while hearing a petition filed by Dr Manilal Valliyate on behalf of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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Timeline Photos

On the 17th July, Angela Sheldrick was contacted at 3pm by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) with a report of a baby elephant needing rescuing from Rimoi National Reserve, situated in the Kerio Valley within the Great Rift Valley.

The DSWT Rescue Team was mobilised and immediately flew the 1 1/2 hour flight to Kabinet airstrip in Western Kenya. Apparently the two month old calf was orphaned when her mother was poached by Tugen Warriors. KWS Rangers while on the tracks of the poachers found the tiny baby and rescued the calf.

On arrival at the DSWT Nursery her blood works revealed she had a very severe bacterial infection and she was extremely dehydrated and sunburnt.

We have called her Kerio, and she is responding well to her medication, an enchanting addition to our fast growing mini elephant herd coming just a few days after Murit.

The poachers that killed Kerio’s mother and left this tiny elephant an orphan were later apprehended by KWS.

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What the elephants know: the burden of sentience

Vicki Fishlock

Thu, 07/24/2014

Most people who have met wild elephants speak of them with a sense of awe.
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Tanzania: Villagers to Be Paid Over Farm Losses

[Daily News]Mara -MINISTRY of Natural Resources and Tourism has demanded an immediate evaluation report and a name list of peasants whose crops have been destroyed by rampaging elephants in Mara Region.

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'Much needed boost' as South African rhino poacher is jailed for 77 years Mand…

‘Much needed boost’ as South African rhino poacher is jailed for 77 years

Mandla Chauke was arrested in the world famous Kruger National Park in 2011 for killing three rhino calves. He was also convicted for the murder of his accomplice who was killed in a shoot-out with rangers.

The court took the rare step of convicting Chauke for the murder of an accomplice who was shot dead by park rangers. It rejected his argument that he was coerced into poaching by his accomplices, one of whom escaped.

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Image copyright The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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Kenya: Ol Pejeta Raises Red Flag Over Rhino Poaching

[The Star]A Private conservancy in Laikipia is concerned by increased rhino poaching in the county. Ol Pejeta Conservancy CEO Richard Vigne said the rising cases are due to the “increased demand for rhino horns as a result of the high market price that…

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Kenya: Two Charged With Poaching

[The Star]Four suspected poachers believed to have killed a female elephant at Rimoi National park in Elgeyo Marakwet county two week ago were yesterday arraigned in Iten law courts.

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Super smeller? Not dogs, but African elephants

It has been scientifically proven that the African elephant has the most powerful sense of smell in the entire animal kingdom.

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Travelling to Asia? Please think before you book… For many that see an elepha…

Travelling to Asia? Please think before you book…

For many that see an elephant on holiday, it can be a life-changing experience.

But as many of you plan your holiday this summer, please share this article with anyone thinking of taking part in elephant treks or visiting elephant sanctuaries to help protect Asia’s gentle giants.

Photo: copyright Elephant Nature Park (ENP)

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VIDEO: Unheard stories of the unsung heroes working to save India’s tigers

Sheren Shrestha

Wed, 07/23/2014

Every year a number of frontline staff lose their lives while protecting India’s natural heritage.

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South Africa: Poacher’s 77-Year Sentence Welcomed

[]National Police Commissioner General Riah Phiyega has welcomed the sentencing of a rhino poacher to a total of 77 years in prison.

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Maybe the saying is actually that 'an elephant never forgets a smell'… Resear…

Maybe the saying is actually that ‘an elephant never forgets a smell’…

Researchers studied 13 mammal species to find that African elephants topped the list when it came to genes related to smell.

“The functions of these genes are not well known, but they are likely important for the living environment of African elephants,” study author Yoshihito Niimura said. “Apparently, an elephant’s nose is not only long but also superior.”

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Image: Elephant orphans at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust smelling the truck for new elephants

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Kenya: Female Rhino, Calf Killed After Poacher Attack At Ol Pejeta

[The Star]A rhino killed by poachers on March 26, 2013 Poached rhino. Photo/Ol Pejeta Conservancy

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